Malkmus, Stephen - Stephen Malkmus (Vinyl)

Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus - Stephen Malkmus (180g Vinyl)

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Finally available again on vinyl! Joined by his band of rowdy Northwest compatriots, The Jicks, Stephen hit the ground running after the breakdown of Pavement. His self-titled solo debut sees him skipping stones and jumping rope with tongue-twisting lyrics, sing-a-long hooks and jump-up-and-down chord progressions. Bask in the pop genius.


  1. Black Book
  2. Phantasies
  3. Jo Jo's Jacket
  4. Church On White
  5. The Hook
  6. Discretion Grove
  7. Troubble
  8. Pink India
  9. Trojan Curfew
  10. Vague Space
  11. Jenny & The Ess-Dog
  12. Deado

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