McCraven, Makaya - In The Moment (Vinyl)


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Makaya McCraven - In The Moment (Vinyl)

Makaya McCraven’s modern classic, International Anthem debut In The Moment is available on vinyl for the first time since 2015, when the album’s breakout success made the first pressing an overnight scarcity (in addition to an “Album of the Week” for Gilles Peterson on BBC, and eventually a “Best Album of 2015” in the Los Angeles Times, NY Observer, Pop Matters and Chicago Reader).


  1. Exploration Intro
  2. The Jaunt
  3. Slightest Right
  4. First Thing First
  5. Lonely
  6. Gnawa
  7. On The Spot
  8. Butterscotch
  9. TomTom
  10. Three Fifths A Man
  11. In The Moment
  12. Quartz
  13. Just Stay Right There
  14. Untitled
  15. Requests
  16. Time Travel
  17. The Encore
  18. The Drop
  19. Finances

Type: Vinyl