Melbourne Street Art Guide

Ewan McEoin

Ewan Mceoin

The Melbourne Street Art Guide is the essential reference to the who, what, why and where of Melbourne's dynamic street art scene.Focused on the art, politics, people and places which make Melbourne an undisputed international hotspot for street art and graffiti, this highly-illustrated book delves into the inner worlds of the artist, collector and curator to provide a holistic picture of contemporary Melbourne street art practise today.Maps with street art hotspots plus self-guided tours reveal where to go and what to see, while short essays, interviews and profiles provide an invaluable set of tools for any street art connoisseur to decipher and interpret the richly-layered terrain of the city's streets. This book takes readers on a memorable journey into the heart of this important and at times misunderstood artistic realm.

Type: Book

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