Metronomy - Pip Paine (Pay The #5000 You Owe) (2LP Vinyl / CD)


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Metronomy - Pip Paine (Pay The #5000 You Owe) (2LP Vinyl / CD)


The first ever public available vinyl edition of Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe), the first album by Metronomy.

This Album initiated the Metronomy buzz thanks to the tracks "You Could Easily Have Me" and "Tricks or Treats". This new version includes four bonus tracks: "Are Mums Mates", "Hear To Wear", "Another Me To Mother You" and the unreleased track "In The D.O.D."



  1. You Could Easily Have Me
  2. Love Song For Dog
  3. Danger Song
  4. This Could Be Beautiful (It Is)
  5. Black Eye / Burnt Thumb
  6. Peter's Pan
  7. Trick Or Treatz
  8. The 3rd   


  1. 1 String Strung
  2. Bearcan
  3. How Say
  4. New Toy    
  5. Are Mums Mates (Bonus Track)
  6. In The D.O.D (Bonus Track)
  7. Hear To Wear (Bonus Track)
  8. Another Me To Mother You (Bonus Track)

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