MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday (Vinyl)

MF Doom

MF Doom - Operation: Doomsday (Vinyl)

The debut album from MF Doom, Operation: Doomsday, was originally released in 1999. 2013 Remastered 2LP contains all the original album cuts.


  1. The Time We Faced Doom
  2. Doomsday
  3. Rhymes Like Dimes (Feat. DJ Cucumber Slice)
  4. The Finest (Feat. Tommy Gunn)
  5. Back in the Days
  6. Go with the Flow
  7. Tick Tock (Feat. MF Grimm)
  8. Red & Gold
  9. The Hands of Doom
  10. Who Do You Think I Am?
  11. Doom, Are You Awake
  12. Hey
  13. Operation Greenbacks (Feat. Megalon & King Geedoarh)
  14. The Mic
  15. The Mystery of Doom
  16. Dead Bent
  17. Gas Drawls
  18. Question Mark (Feat. Kurious Jorge)
  19. Hero Vs Villain

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