Monnone Alone ‎- Summer Of The Mosquito (Vinyl)


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Monnone Alone ‎- Summer Of The Mosquito (Vinyl)

Mark Monnone has assembled a squadron of noisy janglemeisters to help create this album - his former Lucksmiths bandmate Louis Richter’s joyous and dynamic 12-string guitar serves as the perfect foil to Monnone’s unfussy strum and unruly outbursts of fuzz, while Gus Franklin (Smallgoods, Architecture in Helsinki) and Joe Foley (Sparkly Bear, Aleks & the Ramps), on drums and bass respectively, are having a rollicking good choogle but manage to stay the course when things get bumpy.

Summer of the Mosquito is a sweet ‘n’ salty twilit bike ride through the dizzying heights and gutter-scouring lows of summers past; a revisiting of share-house dysfunction and coming-of-age misdemeanours, while encouraging a celebration of such foibles in the album’s jubilant closer and second single ‘Do it Twice’.


  1. Summer Of The Mosquito
  2. I Wanna Hide In Yesterday
  3. Jerry’s Can
  4. Cut Knuckle
  5. The Dystopian Days Of Yore
  6. Feeling Together Feels Alright
  7. Yo Dad
  8. Tumble Downs
  9. Strollers
  10. Do It Twice

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