Moody Beaches - Weird Friends (Vinyl)


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Moody Beaches - Weird Friends (Vinyl)

2018 vinyl release.

Weird Friends is the debut EP/ 12" for Melbourne post-punk trio Moody Beaches. Recorded and mixed by Matt Chow (Rolling Blackouts C.F, Deaf Wish, TV Haze, Bench Press) at the The Reverence, it captures the cutting and urgent delivery that Moody Beaches’ live show is renowned for.

Raw, brooding and at times - scathing, Weird Friends channels the abrasive, loud-quiet-loud dynamic of early Pixies and harmony-driven vocal hooks of The Breeders. Featuring members of La Bastard and Hot Wings, Moody Beaches have forged a strong reputation as a vital addition to Melbourne’s underground DIY scene in their short 12 months as an entity.

Moody Beaches are a new post-punk grunge project featuring members of La Bastard, Hot Wings, & millennia teen dreams Sugarfiend.


  1. Weird Friends
  2. Guns
  3. Fleshlight
  4. Hollywood
  5. Trolls
  6. Modes
  7. Wahoo

Type: Vinyl