Mountain Goats, The - Jenny From Thebes (Standard Black Vinyl)

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats - Jenny From Thebes (Standard Black Vinyl)

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Jenny from Thebes began it's life as many albums by The Mountain Goats do, with John Darnielle playing the piano until a lyric emerged. That lyric, "Jenny was a warrior / Jenny was a thief / Jenny hit the corner clinic begging for relief," became "Jenny III," a song which laid down a challenge he'd never taken up before: writing a sequel to one of his most beloved albums: All Hail West Texas. Recorded at Tulsa, Oklahoma's legendary The Church Studio with Grammy-winning producer/engineer Trina Shoemaker, Jenny from Thebes is a lush collection of showtunes, pushing Darnielle as a vocalist and The Mountain Goats as a band, broadening their sonic palette once again by leaning into influences like Godspell, Jim Steinman, and The Cars.


  1. Clean SlateGround Level
  2. Only One Way
  3. Fresh Tattoo
  4. Cleaning Crew
  5. Murder at the 18th St. Garage
  6. From the Nebraska Plant
  7. Same as Cash
  8. Water Tower
  9. Jenny III
  10. Going to Dallas
  11. Great Pirates

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