Mudhoney - Plastic Eternity (Limited Silver Coloured LP)


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Mudhoney - Plastic Eternity (Limited Silver Coloured LP)

The legendary Seattle rockers are back with their first new album since 2018's Digital Garbage. Since their 1988 debut - the rip-roaring Sub Pop single “Touch Me, I’m Sick” - Mudhoney have consistently delivered the caustic fusion of punk, hard rock, and psychedelia the world needs and deserves, and Plastic Eternity is a new height in their vast discography. Plastic Eternity takes on the absurdities of the 2020's with the usual sharp wit of Arm's lyrics and punk guitars we've all come to know and love. There's even a song about their love for little dogs titled, you guessed it, "Little Dogs".


  1. Souvenir of My Trip
  2. Almost Everything
  3. Cascades of Crap
  4. Flush the Fascists
  5. Move Under
  6. Severed Dreams in the Sleeper Cell
  7. Here Comes the Flood
  8. Human Stock Capital
  9. Tom Herman's Hermits
  10. One or Two
  11. Cry Me an Atmospheric River
  12. Plasticity
  13. Little Dogs

Type: Vinyl