My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (Deluxe 4LP Coloured Vinyl Box Set)

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (Deluxe 4LP Coloured  Vinyl Box Set)

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My Morning Jacket -"Okonokos" - Deluxe reissue of Okonokos - the classic, fan-favorite 2006 live album recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Packaged in a hardbound LP jacket with two bonus tracks, "Bermuda Highway," "How Do You Know." Each of the four LPs are pressed on their own unique color.



  1. Wordless Chorus [Live]
  2. It Beats for You [Live]
  3. Gideon [Live]
  4. One Big Holiday [Live]
  5. I Will Sing You Songs [Live]
  6. Lowdown [Live]
  7. The Way That He Sings [Live]


  1. At Dawn [Live]
  2. Golden [Live]
  3. What a Wonderful Man [Live]
  4. Off the Record [Live]
  5. Laylow [Live]
  6. Dondante [Live]


  1. Run Thru [Live]
  2. Xmas Curtain [Live]
  3. O Is the One That Is Real [Live]
  4. Steam Engine [Live]
  5. Dancefloors [Live]


  1. Where to Begin [Live]
  2. Sooner [Live]
  3. Strangulation [Live]
  4. I Think I'm Going to Hell [Live]
  5. Anytime [Live]
  6. Mahgeetah [Live]
  7. How Do You Know
  8. Bermuda Highway

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