Nacho Manifesto: 52 Recipes That Prove Nachos (+ Tochos) Rule The Snack World


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Jack Campbell

Of course, nachos are good - even the most basic assemblage of corn-flavoured cardboard and bright orange oozy cheese is tasty - but nachos, in fact, can be great. The greatest snackfood ever known, in fact  . Author Jack Campbell makes the case that nachos can - and should - be enjoyed every week of the year. Throw out all notions of 'junk food' and embrace the oozy, crunchy deliciousness of nachos.

Here you'll find more than 40 of the best nacho recipes using a variety of bases including corn chips, sweet potatoes, chunky fries and tater tots (aka 'Totchos') and diverse and delicious toppings including pulled pork, beer braised beef, cola chicken and smoky black beans. And - for good measure - you'll find a bunch of breakfast and dessert nachos too! S'mores Nachos anyone?

Get on board The Nacho Manifesto and you'll be swearing by it in no time at all!

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