New Buffalo - The Last Beautiful Day (Vinyl)


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New Buffalo - The Last Beautiful Day (Vinyl)

Three years back, Melbournian songsmith Sally Seltmann first brought new Buffalo to life on the amazing About Last Night EP. It was a seamless montage of playful piano ballads and shimmering orchestra samples, garnering major critical acclaim in both the UK and Australia.

Now New Buffalo drop their debut effort the Last Beautiful Day. Largely composed 33 of analog organs, scratchy samples, and layers of Sletmann's thin-yet-tender voice, the record is a profound piece of personal expression, a collection of lyrical pop songs that are the of a single individual.


  1. Recovery
  2. I've Got You and You've Got Me
  3. No Party
  4. It'll Be Alright
  5. Time to Go to Sleep
  6. Yes
  7. Inside
  8. Come Back
  9. While You're Away
  10. On Sunday

Type: Vinyl