Olsen, Angel - All Mirrors (Clear Coloured Vinyl)


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Olsen, Angel - All Mirrors (Clear Coloured Vinyl)

"All Mirrors" is the name of Angel Olson's new fifth album, the successor to "My Woman", which was released three years ago.

The US-American independent singer has written and recorded ten songs for it. The production was taken care of by an old acquaintance: John Congleton had already sat behind the controls during the recording of their third album "Burn Your Fire For No Witness".
  1. Lark
  2. All Mirrors
  3. Too Easy
  4. New Love Cassette
  5. Spring
  6. What It Is
  7. Impasse
  8. Tonight
  9. Summer
  10. Endgame
  11. Chance

Type: Vinyl