P.M. Dawn – The Bliss Album...? (Vinyl)


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P.M. Dawn – The Bliss Album...? (Vinyl)

Released back in 1993, this 30 Year Anniversary Release of PM Dawn’s sophomore album, “The Bliss Album…?” includes the hits “I’d Die Without You” as first heard on the soundtrack to the Eddie Murphy movie “Boomerang” which went to #3 on the Billboard pop charts. In addition, “Looking Through Patient Eyes” went to #6 on this urban/soul meets pop release. Other key tracks on the album include Paperdoll as well as a duet with Boy George on “More Than Likely.”


  1. Intro
  2. When Midnight Sighs
  3. So On And So On
  4. Plastic
  5. The Ways Of The Wind
  6. To Love Me More
  7. About Nothing (For The Love Of Destiny)
  8. Norwegian Wood
  9. Beyond Infinite Affections
  10. Looking Through Patient Eyes
  11. Filthy Rich (I Don't Wanna Be)
  12. More Than Likely
  13. The Nocturnal Is In The House
  14. When It's Raining Cats And Dogs
  15. I'd Die Without You

Type: Vinyl