PinkPantheress - To Hell With It (RSD 2022 Vinyl)


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PinkPantheress - To Hell With It (RSD 2022 Vinyl)

Heavily inspired by the 2000s, with lyrics that address topics including failed relationships, adolescence, abandonment, and longing, To Hell with It is a dance-pop, liquid drum and bass, and UK garage record that heavily utilises sampling and takes elements from several different genres, such as alt-pop, bedroom pop, hyperpop, pop punk, jungle, 2-step, R&B, and dembow.


1. Pain
2. I must apologise
3. Last valentines
4. Passion
5. Just for me
6. Noticed I cried
7. Reason
8. All my friends know
9. Nineteen
10. Break it off (Bonus)

Type: Vinyl

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Callum Orr
Never disappoints!!!

There is something about happy valley! Their store is just so comforting to be in and their stock is impeccable, never have I found so many records I have been looking for! Highly recommend