Point Your Face At This

Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin

The New York Times bestselling author and comedian is back in a smaller, softer format. In his first book, This Is a Book, Demetri Martin introduced fans and readers to his unique brand of long-form humor writing. Now Demetri returns with an eclectic volume devoted entirely to his trademark one-liners and drawings, as well as short prose and poetry, leaving the longer-form material for his next hardcover.

Like an indie stepchild of Gary Larson and Jack Handey, Point Your Face At This contains hundreds of drawings, jokes, and page-long bits, showcasing Martin's particular penchant for brevity and a sensibility all its own-and will be a great gift book and a must-have for fans of the brainy, ambidextrous, comedian, palindromist (and author), Demetri Martin.

Type: Book

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