Pond - 9 (Limited Holographic Sleeve / Metallic Silver Coloured 2LP Vinyl)


Pond - 9 (Limited Holographic Sleeve / Metallic Silver Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

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The metallic silver 180g double LP deluxe edition of 9 features etching and a holographic gatefold sleeve, a 12 page booklet and four brand new tracks and is available for pre-order now.  Featuring new tracks Lights of Leeming and unhinged My Funny Serpentine, Pond switches gears on The TAB Took My Baby From Me, a ballad only Nick Allbrook could pen and wraps up with the exuberant and dance floor ready Hang A Cross On Me.

Released in October 2021 and produced by Pond and mixed by Jay Watson and James Ireland,  on 9, Pond’s explorations are funneled into electrifying bursts of pure psych-pop joy. No tune even veers past the five minute mark. Above all though, what you get from the album is a sense of creative abandon and just plain fun. The album features the vacillating psych-rock jam Human Touch, the blissed out Toast, the elastic hipped robo-funk single America’s Cup and the high energy, no-wave lead track Pink Lunettes, On 9, Pond recaptures an anarchic sense of uncertainty and fly closer than ever before to the creative supernova that has blazed across so much of the band’s music.


  1. Song For Agnes
  2. Human Touch
  3. America’s Cup
  4. Take Me Avalon I’m Young
  5. Pink Lunettes
  6. Czech Locomotive
  7. Rambo
  8. Gold Cup / Plastic Sole
  9. Toast
  10. Lights Of Leeming
  11. My Funny Serpentine
  12. The TAB Took My Baby Away
  13. Hang A Cross On Me

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