Rebuild: How To Thrive In The New Kindness Economy


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Mary Portas

Since the pandemic, many businesses have gone under. But some are positively buoyant, despite the odds being stacked against them. Why is that? Rebuild is a vital guide to how we reset and build back better. Retail and brand expert Mary Portas argues that over the past thirty years the business of what we buy has been dominated by the biggest, fastest and cheapest. But those values no longer resonate. We’ve come to realize that more doesn’t equal better. How we live, buy and sell is changing. We are all ready to put people and planet before profit. The post-pandemic era is all about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we’re doing. This ‘Kindness Economy’ is a new value system where in order to thrive businesses must understand the fundamental role they play in the fabric of our lives. They need to add, not just grow, balancing commerce with social progress. Because we don’t just want to buy from brands - we want to buy into them. Full of expert insight and invaluable advice, Rebuild is about resetting the dial. It gives business people pause for thought about how to make money, as well as the practical tools to build back post-pandemic. And it speaks to anyone who votes with the pound in their pocket - all of us who, with social progress in mind, want to spend our money differently and better.

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