Recon Unit: Explosives Expert


HiiRagi Recon Unit: Explosives Expert

As all HiiRagi minions know, being diabolical, can lead you into a variety of different specialities such as explosives.  And here is our Recon Unit Explosives expert in all his glory. The utility belt is packed with dangerous, unstable elements such as dynamite and /or small bomb fixtures, wire that can be run from explosives to the detonation box and a pocket to hold the all important plans for our next sabotage. In these dangerous times it’s ‘Safety First’ so each explosives expert has goggles to protect their eyes for when the action gets too close for comfort.  Just how they like it.

All toys are completely stitched together by hand by the one and only HiiRagi in between training and campaigning with the Army, making each and every one unique. Toys are made from 100% pure new wool felt and recycled stuffing. Each toy is individually numbered.  This is recorded on their ID card, as part of their military kit and sewn onto the back of each robot toy.

$10 postage. Free shipping on orders over $150.

Hobart, Tasmania

Type: Toy

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