Riperton, Minnie - Come To My Garden (Clear Vinyl)


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Minnie Riperton - Come To My Garden (Clear Vinyl)

David Rensin once recalled in Rolling Stone that when Stevie Wonder first met Minnie Riperton, he started jumping around and exclaimed aloud, "Oh my God! Is this a dream? I must be in heaven and you're the angel. Your music is amazing. I already have three of your albums, where can I get a fourth?" Featuring gifted musicians (Ramsey Lewis, Phil Upchurch, Cleveland Eaton and many others), Minnie's "Come to My Garden" is a lost gem and if music critics are to be believed, a true masterpiece.


A1 Les Fleurs
A2 Completeness
A3 Come To My Garden
A4 Memory Band
A5 Rainy Day In Centerville
B1 Close Your Eyes & Remember
B2 Oh! By The Way
B3 Expecting
B4 Only When I'm Dreaming
B5 Whenever, Wherever

Type: Vinyl