Roleff, Lucy ‎- Left Open In A Room (Vinyl)

Lucy Roleff

Lucy Roleff ‎- Left Open In A Room (Vinyl)

Left Open in a Room was recorded with longtime collaborator and fellow composer Pascal Babare - much of the recording and mixing split between Pascal’s home and his recording studio at Electric Dreams in South Melbourne, a process to which Pascal also contributed electric guitar, bass, piano, percussion and Moog guitar. Lucy’s musical collaborators Rosalind Hall and Alex Badham also lend their talents to the record on clarinet and guitar, respectively.


  1. Waiting For My Friend
  2. A Woman's Worth
  3. Rheingold
  4. Silver
  5. Sometimes Do
  6. Autumn Song
  7. He Heard Everything
  8. I Went To The Ocean
  9. Leave It There
  10. Left Open In A Room

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