Scent Of Home Parfum - Baptiste 50ml


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Scent Of Home Baptiste Parfum 50ml

Baptiste -  to dip, to submerge, to be renewed.

This parfum has been built upon the idea that baptising flowers in a gentle woody fragrance would re energise the age old floral propelling it forward into a modern world. Rose, Jasmine and Tuberose alone can send you back to the 50’s but this fragrance is progressive, exciting and delicately woody.

The opening of Baptiste is wonderfully green with the lusciousness of black currents floating on the top of the fragrance slowly rewarding you with the florals of Iris, Geranium and the Roses.  In a sophisticated turn of events it dives into a woody and ambery pool giving depth and warmth.

The beauty of femininity is it’s both strength and splendour at the same time, both lace & leather. Wear this all day & all night.

Dual fragrance

Floral / Wood

Top Notes – Cassis, Grapefruit

Heart Notes – Jasmine, Rose, Fruity

Base Notes – Amber, Woody, Vanilla

Melbourne, Victoria

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Type: Parfum