Segall, Ty - First Taste (Vinyl)

Ty Segall

Ty Segall - First Taste (Vinyl)

Hardly, but First Taste erects extreme new sonic skylines for Segall to soar over. His natural state of urgency is paired with a thirsty contemplative vibe as Ty examines both sides now, twisting some of his best songs and production wack into hard left turns both sweet and hot.


  1. Taste
  2. Whatever
  3. Ice Plant
  4. The Fall
  5. I Worship the Dog
  6. The Arms
  7. When I Met My Parents Pt. 1
  8. I Sing Them
  9. When I Met My Parents Pt. 3
  10. Radio
  11. Self Esteem
  12. Lone Cowboys

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Type: Vinyl

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