Senior, Leah - Pretty Faces Vinyl

Leah Senior

Leah Senior - Pretty Faces Vinyl 

Melbourne folk diviner Leah Senior has announced her second album 'Pretty Faces,' was recorded and produced with King Gizzard's Joey Walker.

'Pretty Faces' pays homage to Leah's dark folk roots while hinting at layers of pop and psychedelic undertones. The blinds are drawn and the songs are covered in a fine layer of dust; yet there is sunlight peaking through the gaps, a silver lining to a dusky tone and a sense of humour behind the tragedy.


  1. Where Have You Been
  2. You Are Not Fit For The
  3. Pretty Faces
  4. Jenny
  5. Black Limousine
  6. In The Night
  7. All My Friends
  8. Your Summer Rain
  9. Turn
  10. Loser

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