Silo : The Zero Waste Blueprint - A Food System For The Future


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Douglas McMaster

Silo maps out an extraordinary new plan from radical young chef Douglas McMaster, founder of SILO the first zero food-waste restauranta food system for the future. He's a man on a missiondedicated to weaning us from our entrenched and over-processed food habits, encouraging us to go for the purest, most natural and efficient way to cook and eat, committed to de-industrializing our food system so that we eat fresh, waste less and make the most of what nature gives us. "Sustainability," "organic," and "vegan" are words you won't find in this enlightening polemic on the future of food as we know it. Here are some that you will: "closed-loop systems," "radical suppliers," "off-grid ingredients," "waste-free prep" and "clean farming". These are just some of the raw ingredients deftly chopped and mixed into an irresistable and intoxicating fusion. Part inspiration, part practical kitchen know-how, part philosophyjust add anarchic flavours and a dash of pure hope for a beautifully crafted book destined to be a refreshingly radical addition to your kitchen library.

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