Singles Soundtrack Vinyl


Singles Soundtrack Vinyl - 25th Anniversary Edition (2 x LP plus bonus 18 track CD)

This newly expanded 2LP edition of the 'Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack' features the album's original 13 tracks newly mastered and freshly pressed across four sides of collectible 12" vinyl with a bonus CD insert of rarities and unreleased tracks.

The bonus CD features previously unreleased recordings by Mudhoney, Paul Westerberg, Mike McCready and Chris Cornell in addition to rarities such as Cornell's 1992 EP 'Poncier' (debuting an early rendition of Spoonman") and tracks from the film not included on the original soundtrack album.

This expanded edition includes, for the first time on CD, "Touch Me I'm Dick," the signature track from "Singles" performed by Citizen Dick (a fictional band created for the film featuring frontman Matt Dillon backed by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament).

Also included are revelatory liner notes--and a track-by-track description of the album's musical contents--written especially for this collection by Cameron Crowe, the screenwriter and director of "Singles." The film's soundtrack is produced by Danny Bramson and Cameron Crowe.



  1. Would? Alice In Chains
  2. Breath Pearl Jam
  3. Seasons Chris Cornell


  1. Dyslexic Heart Paul Westerberg
  2. Battle Of Evermore The Lovemongers
  3. Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns Mother Love Bone


  1. Birth Ritual Soundgarden
  2. State of Love And Trust Pearl Jam
  3. Overblown Mudhoney
  4. Waiting For Somebody Paul Westerberg


  1. May This Be Love The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. Nearly Lost You Screaming Trees
  3. Drown Smashing Pumpkins


  1. Touch Me I'm Dick Citizen Dick (First Time On Cd)
  2. Nowhere But You Chris Cornell (Poncier)
  3. Spoon Man Chris Cornell (Poncier)
  4. Flutter Girl Chris Cornell (Poncier)
  5. Missing Chris Cornell (Poncier) (First Time On Cd)
  6. Would? (Live) Alice In Chains (First Time On Cd)
  7. It Ain't Like That (Live) Alice In Chains (First Time On Cd)
  8. Birth Ritual (Live) Soundgarden (First Time On Cd)
  9. Dyslexic Heart (Acoustic) Paul Westerberg (First Time On Cd)
  10. Waiting For Somebody (Score Acoustic) Paul Westerberg (Previously Unreleased)
  11. Overblown (Demo) Mudhoney (Previously Unreleased)
  12. Heart And Lungs Truly
  13. Six Foot Under Blood Circus
  14. Singles Blues 1 Mike Mccready (Previously Unreleased)
  15. Blue Heart Paul Westerberg (Previously Unreleased)
  16. Lost In Emilys Words Paul Westerberg (Previously Unreleased)
  17. Ferry Boat #3 Chris Cornell (Previously Unreleased)
  18. Score Piece #4 Chris Cornell (Previously Unreleased)

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