St. Vincent - MassEducation (Raw) (Vinyl)

St. Vincent

St. Vincent - MassEducation (Raw) (Vinyl)

Recorded over two days in a studio in Midtown Manhattan, 'MassEducation' acts as a raw reimagination of St Vincent's previous album 'Masseducation'.

Recorded with Thomas Bartlett - Anne Clark (St Vincent) describes the album as "two dear friends playing songs together with the kind of secret understanding one can only get through endless nights in New York City".


  1. Slow Disco
  2. Savior
  3. Masseduction
  4. Sugarboy
  5. Fear The Future
  6. Smoking Section
  7. Los Ageless
  8. New York
  9. Young Lover
  10. Happy Birthday, Johnny
  11. Pills
  12. Hang On Me

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