Strayan Dictionary : Avo, Arvo, ScoMo, Mabo and all the essential Strayan words

Dominic Knight

Dominic Knight

Following up on the success of Strayapedia, Dom Knight has put together a dictionary of all things 'Strayan. From Acca Dacca to trakkie daks, from Avo to Yeah-no, from Bindi to Tinnie, The Strayan Dictionary gives us the definitive definitions to Australia's unique words, names and phrases. Acca Dacca - a nickname for AC/DC which, unusually for an Australian nickname, takes just as long to say as the original.

Arvo 1. Afternoon, abbreviated because who can be bothered saying the extra syllables when they're relaxing on a sofa in the arvo? In cases of extreme laconicness, 'sarvo' is used, meaning 'this arvo'.2. How wankers say 'avo'.

Blind 1. Highly intoxicated, as in absolutely farken maggoted. 2. Unable to see due to problems with one's eyes, rather than just being blind drunk. 3. A device for preventing light from entering a room that is highly useful in the event of someone being blind drunk the night before.

Dak 1. Trousers. 2. To remove someone's trousers. Consequently, the question of whether someone is wearing trousers is sometimes ambiguous, a conundrum most notably explored by former prime minister Malcolm Fraser during a visit to Memphis, Tennessee.

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