Sumney, Moses - Live from Blackalachia (Limited Edition Clear Green Coloured 2LP Vinyl)


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Moses Sumney - Live from Blackalachia (Limited Edition Clear Green Coloured 2LP Vinyl)

On Clear Green color vinyl. Live from Blackalachia is a live album and movie composed of dynamic band arrangements from Moses Sumney's first 2 albums. It was recorded in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the summer of 2020, on a stage built on a hill nestled within a 72-acre ranch.

In January 2020, Moses Sumney and band gathered in Western North Carolina to design festival-ready versions of songs from Aromanticism and græ. After the world shut down and tour was canceled, Moses maintained a desire to share the show, but in a new way. Not just a live stream or recording. A film. A concert film. So in the summer of 2020, the band re-convened in Asheville, and designed the show for Live From Blackalachia. Moses directed the conceptual concert film, and decided to release it in both audio and visual formats.



  1. insula (Live)
  2. Virile (Live)
  3. Conveyor (Live)
  4. Quarrel (Live)
  5. In Bloom (in the woods) (Live)
  6. space nation race place (Live)
  7. Colouour (Live)
  8. Plastic (Live)
  9. Bless Me (Live)
  10. Bystanders (in space) (Live)
  11. Me in 20 Years (Live)
  12. Doomed (Live)
  13. Polly (Live)

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