Sunnyboys - Sunnyboys (Vinyl Reissue)


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Sunnyboys - Sunnyboys (Standard Black Vinyl Reissue)

Lauded as one of "The 100 Best Australian Albums" in the book of the same name, Sunnyboys' self-titled album from 1981 is a dazzling, cohesive slice of power punk.

Featuring the singles Happy Man and Alone With You.


  1. I Can't Talk to You
  2. My Only Friend
  3. Trouble in My Brain
  4. Gone
  5. It's Not Me
  6. Happy Man
  7. Alone with You
  8. Tunnel of Love
  9. Liar
  10. Let You Go
  11. I'm Shakin'
  12. I Can't Talk to You (Reprise)

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