The Rise of the Creative Class - Revisited

Richard Florida

Richard Florida

Initially published in 2002, The Rise of the Creative Class was instantly described as a classic work on the forces that were reshaping our economy, our geography, our work, and our whole way of life. Weaving story-telling with original research, Richard Florida traced a fundamental theme through a host of seemingly unrelated changes in American society: the growing role of creativity.

In The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited, Florida brought all of his statistics up to date, incorporated a decade's worth of new research, and addressed his major critics. Five new chapters cover the global effects of the Creative Class and delve into the roles played by technology, race, and poverty in perpetuating income inequality and the pervasive influence of class throughout every aspect of society. The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited gives us a provocative new way to think about why we live as we do today? and where we might be headed.

Type: Book

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