They Might Be Giants - John Henry Demos (Orange LP Vinyl + 7")


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They Might Be Giants - John Henry Demos (Orange LP Vinyl + 7")

The LP is a deluxe hand-numbered 2-record package featuring a 12-inch 180g orange disc and a 7-inch bonus disc.

Long a popular bootleg among folks who enjoy that kind of thing, these demo sessions for They’s fifth album John Henry mark a fascinating moment in the evolution of that project and their evolution as a band. Recorded in Williamsburg in what was then the newly-opened Excello Studio, the new lineup of They Might Be Giants pulled together an entire album's worth of material over a few days with stellar performances along with a wide variety of local musical luminaries.

Finally available in a fully remixed and mastered format, this set of songs rivals and, for some, eclipses the final finished product.


  1. Subliminal
  2. Snail Shell
  3. Sleeping in the Flowers
  4. Unrelated Thing
  5. AKA Driver
  6. I Should Be Allowed to Think
  7. Extra Savoir-Faire
  8. Why Must I Be Sad?
  9. Spy
  10. O, Do Not Forsake Me
  11. No One Knows My Plan
  12. Dirt Bike
  13. Destination Moon
  14. A Self Called Nowhere
  15. Meet James Ensor
  16. Thermostat
  17. Window
  1. Out of Jail
  2. The End of the Tour

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