Titane Soundtrack by Jim Williams (Death Waltz Standard Black Vinyl Edition)


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Titane Soundtrack by Jim Williams (Death Waltz 140g Standard Black Vinyl Edition)

In conjunction with Milan Records, Death Waltz Recording Co. is thrilled to bring you Jim Williams' incredible score to Titane. Reuniting with director Julia Docouranu (he also scored Raw) and hot on the heels of his outstanding work on last year's Possessor, Williams once again proves that he is one of the very best composers working today. His work here is, at times, cold, pulsating and ominous. However, these pieces are interspersed with tender passages that offer glimmers of hope, shining through in the form of warm tones and intricate melodies.


1. Gym to Car
2. Fan in Car Kill
3. Car Fuck
4. Beach Puke
5. Justine Kill
6. House Burning
7. Airport
8. Simulator
9. Bathroom Pieta
10. Belly Oil
11. Forest Fire
12. Sarabande
13. Ending from Bedroom
14. Ending from Kiss
15. End Credits
16. Wayfaring Stranger
17. Apocalypse
18. God and Drug

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