Tsutsumi, Hiroaki - Jujutsu Kaisen (Original Soundtrack) (Limited Deluxe 5LP Splattered Coloured Vinyl)

Hiroaki Tsutsumi

Hiroaki Tsutsumi - Jujutsu Kaisen (Original Soundtrack) (Limited Deluxe 5LP Splattered Coloured Vinyl)

Limited Color Vinyl Splatter, 5LP set!

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The complete soundtrack for the smash hit series from MAPPA as seen on Crunchyroll, JUJUTSU KAISEN!

Composed by Hiroaki Tsutsumi, Yoshimasa Terui and Alisa Okehazama, the soundtrack also includes a wealth of Japanese vocal talent including Paranom, Aztech, Kasper, Chica, Che Lingo, RIN, Steve Memmolo and Masato Hayakawa.


  1. A Thousand-Year Curse
  2. The Source Of The Curse
  3. Takagi vs Itadori
  4. Occult Reserch Club (Featuring Paranom And Aztech)
  5. As Usual
  6. Threatened
  7. Impatience (Featuring Paranom And Kasper)
  8. Ryomen Sukuna
  9. The Scariest
  10. Your Battle Is My Battle (Featuring Chica)
  11. Be Prepared (Featuring Che Lingo)
  12. Attack Of Cursed Corpse
  13. Regret
  14. The Beginning
  15. Life (Featuring Paranom, Kasper And Aztech)
  16. Colors (Featuring Aztech)
  17. Learn The Lesson Featuring Kasper And Aztech
  18. Countermeasure For A Domain Expansion
  19. Straw Doll Technique Resonance
  20. Fearsome Womb
  21. Extraordinary Emergency
  22. With This Fist
  23. Power Of Special Grade Curse
  24. The Thing Fair About Life Is How Unfair
  25. Jujutsu Sorcerer, Megumi Fushiguro
  26. Strong And Intellgent Allies
  27. Extirpate
  28. Unguarded Moment
  29. Apology For A Defeat
  30. Jujutsu Kaisen
  31. The Man, Aoi Todo
  32. Blood Featuring Che Lingo
  33. To Select How To Die
  34. Survey With Mr.Ijichi
  35. To 3
  36. Working Overtime
  37. Sunset And Friend
  38. Beyond Sacrifice
  39. The Words That Came From Inside Of Me
  40. Eye Catch A
  41. Eye Catch B
  42. Self-Embodiment Of Perfection
  43. Stand In The Darkness (Featuring Steve Memmolo)
  44. Preview Of The Next Episode 1
  45. Preview Of The Next Episode 2
  46. Gray Eyes Featuring Che Lingo
  47. A Curse Come From The Human
  48. Brother
  49. A Past Event That Never Happened
  50. Everyone...someday I'll...
  51. Fight Again (Featuring Chica)
  52. Entertain Us (Featuring Rin)
  53. Background
  54. Liar
  55. Description Of The Curse
  56. Boogie Woogie
  57. Hollow Purple
  58. Jujutsu Koshien
  59. Remember
  60. Hurt

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