Veirs, Laura - Phone Orphans (Blue & Black Coloured Vinyl)

Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs - Phone Orphans (Blue & Black Coloured Vinyl)

Available to pre-order now, released November 3rd.

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It feels good, on my 50th birthday and after 30 years of writing songs, to bring these “Phone Orphans” into the light. These songs have been been hiding out on my phone, some of them for over eight years. They are about my family, my lovers and me. I recorded them alone in my living room into my voice memo app. I like their relaxed feel. These songs were mastered but we made no edits to the recordings. I hope you enjoy this intimate glimpse into my artistic process. All songs by me except “Up is a Nice Place to Be” by Rosalie Sorrels and “The Archers” with lyrics adapted from a poem by Federico García Lorca.


  1. Creatures of a Day
  2. If You Could Hold Someone
  3. Rocks of Time
  4. Tree Climber
  5. Up Is a Nice Place to Be
  6. The Archers
  7. Tiger Ocean Instrumental
  8. Smoke Song
  9. Valentine
  10. Magnolia Sphere
  11. Swan Dive
  12. Next One
  13. Maybe
  14. Beautiful Dreams Piano Improv

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