Ward, M. - Transfiguration Of Vincent (Vinyl)

M. Ward

M. Ward - Transfiguration Of Vincent (Vinyl)

Transfiguration of Vincent is the third solo album from M. Ward. In composition and style, his music has been compared to such luminaries as Tom Waits, Granddaddy, Sparklehorse, and Howe Gelb. Ward's seemingly effortless finger picking guitar conjures the elegance of the late John Fahey.


  1. Transfiguration #1
  2. Vincent O'Brien
  3. Sad, Sad Song
  4. Undertaker
  5. Duet For Guitars #3
  6. Outta My Head
  7. Involutary
  8. Helicopter
  9. Poor Boy, Minor Key
  10. Fool Says
  11. Get To The Table On Time
  12. A Voice At The End Of The Line
  13. Dead Man
  14. Let's Dance
  15. Transfiguration #2

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