Wauters, Juan - Real Life (Transparent Ruby Vinyl)

Juan Wauters

Juan Wauters - Real Life (Transparent Ruby Vinyl)

Juan Wauters’ fifth solo album, Real Life Situations, is a multifaceted ode to surrendering control and taking life as it comes. References to radio abound on its 21 tracks, and with good reason - the album spans genres, narrators, languages, and perspectives with the ease of spinning a rotary knob. Mining older songs, phone notes, new material, and snippets from TV and YouTube, Wauters has crafted an aural document of the year through his eyes.


1. A JPW Headspace 2020
2. Monsoon (Feat. Homeshake)
3. Sentimiento Queens
4. Locura
5. Ventana
6. Presentation (Feat. Nick Hakim & Benamin)
7. Unity (Feat. Cola Boyy)
8. Real (Feat. Mac DeMarco)
9. Keep Cool
10. Carmina Pensa
11. A Peter Pan Donuts Conversation
12. Lion Dome (Feat. Air Waves)
13. JPW Talking
14. Acordes (Feat. Tall Juan)
15. Bailando
16. Estas Escuchando (Feat. El David Aguilar)
17. Crack Dabbling
18. A JPW Theme Song
19. Yendo
20. Powder
21. NY Weaz

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Type: Vinyl

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