Whiskeytown - Strangers Almanac (Vinyl)


Whiskeytown - Strangers Almanac (Vinyl)

2008, 2LP Vinyl issue.


  1. Inn Town
  2. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight
  3. Yesterday's News
  4. 16 Days
  5. Everything I Do
  6. Houses On The Hill
  7. Turn Around
  8. Dancing With The Women At The Bar
  9. Waiting To Derail
  10. Avenues
  11. Losering
  12. Somebody Remembers The Rose
  13. Not Home Anymore
  14. Houses On The Hill (Live)
  15. Nurse With The Pills (Live)
  16. I Don't Care What You Think About Me (Live)
  17. Somebody Remembers The Rose (Live)
  18. Turn Around (Live)

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Type: Vinyl

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