Bonnie Prince Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Black Vinyl)


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Bonnie Prince Billy - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You (Black Vinyl)

Bonnie Prince Billy has made a number of them, and heard a bunch more in his time of knowing. He's found them hewn from moments, admired them as small and accountable-the communication of music in emotion, release and catharsis; to edify, to entertain, in two sides and less than an hour. There's room for albums in everyone's home, and there's a place for everyone to listen-or space for just one person at a time, when privacy is needed. Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You presents simply-an album made as it was meant to be heard, in a room. The sound of people together-a sound we'd so recently feared that we'd lost - playing, communing, strings and wood and keys and voices singing. In the starkness of space, the complexities of life and time are unfurled, then refurled again. As strings ebb and flow with voices and their words, careful hands unwrap the gift of paradox in its many forms-and rewrap, for regifting. For giving to everyone.


1. Like It or Not
2. Behold! Be Held!
3. Bananas
4. Blood of the Wine
5. Sing Them Down Together
6. Kentucky Is Water
7. Willow, Pine and Oak
8. Trees of Hell
9. Rise and Rule (She Was Born in Honolulu)
10. Queens of Sorrow
11. Crazy Blue Bells
12. Good Morning, Popocatépetl


Type: Vinyl