Cable Ties - All Her Plans (White Coloured Vinyl)


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Cable Ties - All Her Plans (White Coloured Vinyl)

All Her Plans, the third album from Melbourne, Australia's Cable Ties, finds the trio of Jenny McKechnie, Shauna Boyle, and Nick Brown at their punchiest and most assured. The ferocious, kraut-influenced blend of post-punk and garage rock of Merge debut Far Enough remains, but McKechnie's lyrics invite the listener closer than ever before.

The urgency and fury that have marked Cable Ties' output thus far is more nuanced on All Her Plans. The unfettered rage of their calls to action endures tackling subjects like broken mental healthcare systems and the burden of familial care that is largely placed on women while holding space for gratitude, love, and acceptance. All Her Plans is a breakthrough moment for Cable Ties. It is the sound of a group that is exhilarated to be making music together again, both a celebration of their resilience and a massive step forward into a future they can finally claim as their own.


  1. Crashing Through
  2. Perfect Client
  3. Time for You
  4. Too Late
  5. Mum's Caravan
  6. Thoughts Back
  7. Silos
  8. Change
  9. Deep Breath Out

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