Stetson, Colin - The Menu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Green Splatter Coloured Vinyl)


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Colin Stetson - The Menu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Green Splatter Coloured Vinyl)

The Complete Soundtrack by Colin Stetson

• 180 Gram Splatter Coloured Vinyl
• Artwork and Design by Matt Needle
• Deluxe Packaging
• Heavyweight Gatefold Jackets with Matte Satin Coatin
• 12"x12" Art Print

Colin Stetson says, 'From my first reading of the script to our last moments on the mix stage, my experience creating the music on this film has been an absolute joy, as the themes, refrains, and aesthetic have seemed to jump right off of the page and screen for me with every brilliant turn of phrase, perfect edit, and wickedly delivered performance. It is pure pleasure working with such an incredible team and I am truly grateful for the whole of it.'


  1. All Aboard
  2. The Boat
  3. Nature Is Timeless
  4. Welcome To Hawthorne
  5. A Revolution In Cuisine
  6. The Mess
  7. Taco Tuesday
  8. Our Side Or Theirs
  9. Fallen Angel
  10. Take The Evening Air
  11. Do You Think You're Special?
  12. The First Cheeseburger You Ever Ate
  13. The Purifying Flame
  14. Amuse Bouche (Reprise)

Type: Vinyl