Miller, Lisa - Car Tape (Green Vinyl)


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Lisa Miller - Car Tape (Green Vinyl)

Back in the '90s, before alt-country was really a thing, Melbourne's Lisa Miller was the leading light of a small vibrant Fitzroy scene, immersed in country soul and classic American singer-songwriters.

As the new millennium dawned, and after two highly acclaimed records of original songs, Lisa wanted to do something a bit different. Something less introspective, and more fun. The initial idea was to just record some cover versions and put it out as a mixtape, and while it eventually arrived on CD instead of cassette, the original concept was maintained.

Tape was immediately loved, first by Lisa's fans and critics, and soon enough by a surprisingly large and diverse audience. It went on to be one of the best-selling Australian independent albums of 2002 and 2003, and earned Lisa three ARIA nominations, including Best Female Artist.


  1. The Boy Who Radiates That Charm
  2. Why Not Your Baby?
  3. Words For Sadness
  4. Better Days
  5. Have A Little Mercy
  6. Evil
  7. Something's On Your Mind
  8. Nothing Takes The Place Of You
  9. Give Back The Key To My Heart
  10. Nobody Knows Me Like My Baby
  11. Say You Don't Mind
  12. No Place To Fall
  13. We Love Each Other

Type: Vinyl