Not Now, Not Ever : Ten years on from the misogyny speech - Julia Gillard


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Julia Gillard

Then it was done. After staying silent, I had my say. At no time did i feel worked up or hotly angry or out of control. I felt strong, measured, controlled. Yet emotion played its role in the energy of the speech. The frustration that sexism and misogyny could still be so bad in the 21st century. The toll of not pointing it out.

The book opens with a bang, the speech in full, and is then divided into three sections- The speech; Misogyny past and present; and Fighting misogyny.

Interleaved between the sections are emotional, engaging and even funny snapshots of people - politicians, those in creative industries, younger and older feminists - sharing their 'where were you' moments and how the speech affected them.

Because we know there is nothing like being in the room where it happened, there will be reflections and recollections from those who were on the floor, or in the press gallery when the electrifying speech was delivered.

And, people will share the worst misogyny they have ever faced - where will Julia start?!

Katharine Murphy will provide an essay on how the Australian media reported the speech, how reporting on gender was at the time, and whether it has changed. Kathy Lette will write about how the speech travelled around the world and the many forms it has appeared in since - TikToks, T-shirts, tote bags, mugs, tea towels, handwashing routines and more.

Eminent historian Mary Beard will provide a perspective on the history of misogyny, and Aleida Mendes Borges writes about misogyny and intersectionality, exploring where misogyny and racism intersect and how this influences feminism.

What we mean by misogyny today - Has the meaning changed over time? - and how misogyny is expressed today will be explored. Specialists will also write on misogyny and violence against women, misogyny in politics and misogyny in the world of work.

The final part of the book, the rallying cry to change the future, will kick off with an extended discussion between Julia Gillard and a panel of inspiring, influential young feminists.

Julia will then round out the book with a final piece motivating us all to go out and improve our world.

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