Opinions: A Decade of Arguments, Criticism and Minding Other People's Business - Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay

Available to pre-order now. Release October 10th.

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dSince the publication of her groundbreaking books Bad Feminist and Hunger, Roxane Gay has continued to tackle big issues embroiling society. State-sponsored violence and mass shootings, women's rights post-Dobbs, online disinformation, and the limits of empathy, alongside more individually personal matters: can I tell my co-worker her perfume makes me sneeze? Is it acceptable to schedule a daily 8am meeting? In her role as a New York Times opinion section contributor and the publication's 'Work Friend' columnist, she reaches millions of readers with her wise voice and sharp insights.

Bold, funny, sharp, humane, Opinions is a collection of Roxane Gay's best nonfiction pieces from the past ten years. Covering a wide range of topics, politics, feminism, the culture wars, civil rights, and much more. With an all-new introduction in which she reflects on the past decade, this sharp, thought-provoking anthology will delight Roxane Gay's devotees and draw new readers to this inimitable talent.

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