Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - Triple Fat Lice (Vinyl)


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Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - Triple Fat Lice (Vinyl)

Vinyl packaging includes single 12" black vinyl in standard dust sleeve, housed in a 12" jacket with a free digital download card.

Both Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman are regarded as top tier lyricists known for pushing the envelope of creativity in their writing, while covering a wide range of topics and moods. However, sometimes things are inherently simple. Take for example, the origin of their collaboration, born from a mutual appreciation for each other as artists which became fully realized when Aesop Rock invited Homeboy Sandman to join him on tour in 2015. Traveling the country together, they built a connection beyond the music, resulting in a friendship that led to recording a few songs together, and before they knew it, there was an infestation...Lice.


1. Pins and Needles
2. Comfy
3. Pizza and Burgers
4. Yoohoo
5. Panacea

Type: Vinyl