Aim - Hinterland (Remastered 2LP Vinyl)



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Aim - Hinterland (Remastered 2LP Vinyl)

2x12” 140g classic black vinyl in matt black poly-lined inner sleeves and a shrink-wrapped, gloss laminated, heavy card outer sleeve.

Hinterland not only proves that Cold Water Music, the first Aim record, was no fluke, but arguably betters it with a broader palette and a finer production touch. Andy Turner lays way back on the groove, coming on like Sade on the skeletal “Good Disease,” then inviting veteran producer Diamond D. to take his sweet time with some dis rhymes for “The Omen.” Elsewhere, “A Twilight Zone” has an appealing pastoral quality not heard in dance circles since Beth Orton's Central Reservation. There’s nothing revolutionary here, just a few downtempo beats and breaks with atmospheric overlays reminiscent of soundtracks from the ’60s and ’70s. Still, Turner’s gotten even better at his pacing; he balances the vocal features (only five) among excellent instrumentals like Guimar and Linctus the highlights here. Though it’s so laid-back as to be nearly horizontal, Hinterland is still an entertaining listen, an excellent album from one of the best producers in the post-trip-hop brigade.



1. Intro
2. The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice
3. What Do People Do All Day
4. No Restriction
5. Fall Break
6. Guimar
7. Good Disease
1. The Omen
2. Linctus
3. Vipco
4. A Twilight Zone
5. From A Seaside Town
6. Hinterland


Type: Vinyl