Amaarae - Fountain Baby (Silver Coloured Vinyl)


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Amaarae - Fountain Baby (Silver Coloured Vinyl)

Platinum-selling Ghanaian-American artist Amaarae, releases her highly anticipated new album, Fountain Baby, via Interscope Records. A striking global pop offering, Fountain Baby houses a collection of insatiable tracks that exist at the intersection of female empowerment, subversion of gender norms and a thrilling exploration of female sexuality and artistic self-expression – all while centering her West African heritage within a global lens. The project sees Amaarae’s towering talent and visions expanding beyond genre and regional confines, for a truly brilliant and palpable body of work that will establish her as an essential architect in the future of music.


1. All My Love
2. Angels In Tibet
3. Co-Star
4. Princess Going Digital
5. Big Steppa
6. Reckless & Sweet
7. Wasted Eyes
8. Counterfeit
9. Disguise
10. Sex, Violence, Suicide
11. Sociopathic Dance Queen
12. Aquamarine Luvs Ecstasy
13. Water From Wine
14. Come Home To God

Type: Vinyl