Brown, Apollo - Sincerely, Detroit (Vinyl)


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Apollo Brown - Sincerely, Detroit (Vinyl)

Simplicity is genius. Great artists can make the ostensibly impossible seem effortless. It’s in this rarefied air where you’ll find Detroit’s Apollo Brown, constantly conjuring fresh innovations out of a tried-and-true formula.



  1. Fate
  2. God Help Me (Featuring Black Milk, DJ Los & Ketchphraze)
  3. Commas & Apostrophes (Featuring Crown Nation)
  4. Longevity (Featuring Andrés, Marv Won, Moe Dirdee & Trick Trick)
  5. Thoughts in Mind (Featuring Chris Orrick & Magestik Legend)
  6. Stopwatch (Featuring Elzhi, Melanie Rutherford, Quest M.C.O.D.Y. & T. Calmese)
  7. Never (Featuring DJ AMF, Miz Korona & Paradime)
  8. Lettin' Go (Featuring Finale, Illa J & Leaf Erikson)
  9. Dominance (Featuring Aztek the Barfly, DJ Los, Kid Vishis & V-Stylez)
  10. All Day (Featuring Slum Village)
  11. Oh Lord (Featuring Fatt Father, Journalist 103 & Valid)


  1. Deception & Woes (Featuring Clear Soul Forces)
  2. Over Do It (Featuring Boldy James & Bronze Nazareth)
  3. In the Water (Featuring Boog Brown & Chavis Chandler)
  4. 365 (Featuring NameTag, Ro Spit & Ty Farris)
  5. The Backbone (Featuring Fat Ray, Guilty Simpson & Melanie Rutherford)
  6. Jacksons (Featuring Big Tone, Nick Speed & Seven the General)
  7. Can't Lose (Featuring DJ Los, Phat Kat & Royce Da 5'9")
  8. Break the Code (Featuring Alexis Allon, Kuniva & Supa Emcee)
  9. Skimmin' (Featuring Dopehead & Nolan the Ninja)
  10. What Up (Featuring 87, A-Minus & One Be Lo)

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