Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en (3LP Vinyl)


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Atmosphere - Headshots: Se7en (3LP Vinyl)

After their debut album Overcast! Was released, Atmosphere was still insatiably hungry. Slug and Ant wasted no time getting back to work, and quickly returned with Headshots: Se7en, a project that went down as an early classic in their discography. Recorded between 1997-1999, Headshots: Se7en was initially released on cassette only as a contribution to Rhymesayers' infamous Headshots tapes, a series of cassettes featuring 4-track recordings from all the various artists in the crew at the time. Each volume of the series was produced in limited quantities so, as the crew built their reputation, the tapes grew in popularity and soon became sought-after collectibles.


        1. Sep Seven Game Show Theme
        2. Round and Round
        3. Tracksmart (Feat. Mr. Gene Poole)
        4. Choking On the Wishbone
        5. The Jackpot / Swept Away
        6. At It Again
        7. The Stick Up (Feat. Eyedea)

        1. Lyle Lovette
        2. Higher Learning
        3. To the Break of Sean
        4. Deer Wolf
        5. Molly Cool
        6. Dungeons and Dragons (Feat. Musab)   

        1. Anterlude
        2. Advanced Communications
        3. A Tall Seven and Seven
        4. 3.2 Red Dog
        5. The Abusing of the Rib
        6. Write Now (Multiples No. 4)
        7. I Wish Those Cats At Fobia Would Give
        8. Heart


Type: Vinyl