Atmosphere - Lucy Ford (2022 2LP Vinyl)


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Atmosphere - Lucy Ford (2022 2LP Vinyl)

Vinyl packaging includes 12” Matte UV Gatefold Jacket, Black Dust Sleeves, Black Double Vinyl and free digital download card.

Now, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, the entire Lucy Ford album is finally available on 2LP or the first time in history! At last, fans and collectors everywhere can finally own this integral part of Atmosphere’s legacy on vinyl, complete with the original artwork and a redesigned layout.

Lucy Ford was packed with the kind of nimble wordplay found on Atmosphere’s debut, but it was paired with more self-reflective and introspective rhymes than their previous album. Tracks like “The Woman With the Tattooed Hands” and “Nothing But Sunshine” showed Slug was equally as talented at poignant storytelling as he was at conveying a deeper message for the greater good of humanity, while songs like “Don’t Ever Fucking Question That” and “Like Today” stripped away at the character facade, allowing listeners to know the rapper on a more intimate level. The album wasn’t entirely devoid of ego though. Slug reminds listeners of his competitive roots on “Guns and Cigarettes” over a truly inspired bluesy beat by Ant, who handled the lion’s share of the album’s production. And while Ant knows how to bring the emotional essence out of a beat, from the idyllic to the incensed, there were a few notable contributions from outside producers as well, including the dub-inspired “Free or Dead” by Jel, and the darkly optimistic “Nothing But Sunshine” by Moodswing9, among others.


  1. Between the Lines
  2. Like Today
  3. Tears For the Sheep
  4. Guns and Cigarettes
  5. Don't Ever Fucking Question That
  6. It Goes
  7. If I Was Santa Claus
  8. Aspiring Sociopath
  9. Free or Dead
  10. Party For the Fight to Write
  11. Mama had a Baby and His Head Popped Off
  12. They're All Gonna Laugh @ You
  13. Lost and Found
  14. The Woman with the Tattooed Hands
  15. Nothing But Sunshine

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